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Vintner's Insurance Program

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As a winery owner, you know there is much more to making fine wines than simply growing grapes. Viticulture, oenology, equipment management, staffing, marketing and insurance are all integral components of a sophisticated operation. The unique risks confronted by vintners require customized insurance solutions.

Travelers Agribusiness has developed a comprehensive insurance coverage program designed exclusively to meet the unique needs of wineries and vineyard owners/managers. Our broad and flexible Winery Insurance Program brings together all the critical coverages needed by wineries, small and large- a far superior alternative to purchasing a generic insurance product loaded with endorsements.

Serving the wine industry

As a leading provider of insurance to agricultural businesses, Travelers Agribusiness is well-versed in the unique needs of wineries and vineyard owners. Insuring with Travelers gives you access to a team of knowledgeable underwriters, risk control specialists and claims adjusters who are dedicated exclusively to the agricultural industry. Our network of independent rural agents - members of the agricultural community- can provide you with the expertise required to meet your needs.


Custom Coverages for Wineries

Winery property endorsement

$25,000 for Brands and Labels expense
$25,000 for Wine Leakage (can be increased)
$25,000 for Wine Contamination (can be increased)
$25,000 for loss or damage to outdoor trees, plants and shrubs;
$1,000 per tree and vine
Market Value for your wine Orchard and vineyard growers property coverage endorsement
$50,000 for damage or loss to vines; $1,000 per vine
$5,000 for loss or damage to signs
$5,000 transit coverage
Harvested grapes and related packaging materials and containers

Product Recall Expense Coverage

Covers the expenses incurred for removing an unsafe product from the market

Vineyard managers program

Expanded definition of chemical drift to include all farm management locations

Standard Coverages


Covers buildings utilized for processing and warehousing, offices and tasting rooms, as well as:
Newly constructed buildings - automatically covered for $250,000 for 60 days
Improvements and betterments
Private power and light poles
Outdoor radio and TV equipment
Portable buildings and portable structures